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Sure, it would be great to travel the world and shoot great photos of wildlife but, I do not have the unlimited resources to accomplish that dream. So I do the next best thing, shoot the subjects at the Zoo.

I realize there will be people who read this and feel compelled to express their disdain for Zoos in general. Don’t waste your time. I am a firm believer that a well-run Zoo or animal park provides a valuable service to the wildlife that they display.

Many of the best Zoo’s around the world are devoted to caring for the animals in their charge and are at the forefront of preserving those creatures that are endangered. As important, the experience and knowledge that young children receive by realizing that there is a wide world beyond their personal borders is invaluable to their growth as human beings.

For the photographer, a Zoo makes an excellent school to hone your craft. The chance to observe and learn from our zoo encounters is critical if the photog is endeavoring to go afield to capture images in the wild.

Feel free to view this gallery here or go here to see the full set of galleries available on my site.

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