Where are the photos?? (hint, click on the lemurs)


Before going live, I sent the link to my site to my brother Paul to get his opinion. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice to click on the gorilla picture to get to my blog post to open it.

So, I fiddled with the design a bit and hopefully, it will be a little easier to navigate.

That being said, my online presence is split into two parts. Right here at http://www.snaplesphoto.com is my blog here on WordPress. The second part is where the images are housed. I have a SmugMug site set up at snaplesphoto.smugmug.com and the galleries link here direct you to that site.

My reason for this method is two-fold. I wanted to toy with a blog to store my brain droppings (thank you, George Carlin for that one) and also have a professional looking portfolio site for my photos. After doing my research I decided on this method. This has seemed to work for most pro photographers so why not copy?

So go ahead and take a look at my photos by clicking on the Galleries menu item at the top of the page. Leave a comment or two if you wish. I hope you enjoy the trip.



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